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Custom solutions that drive student success

Source for Training is the premier partner dedicated to engaging with our clients to identify challenges within their enrollment funnel and processes.


Our extensive experience in Higher Ed gives us the unique perspective to devise custom solutions and provide in-depth education and knowledge transfer. We can assess all aspects of the enrollment funnel and create a process that ensures success. We have an excellent track record of driving increased conversions. Our client satisfaction is exceptional and a great source of pride.


Studies have shown that ongoing staff training is a critical component to successful enrollment. Creating a persistent process that follows best practices and compliance standards is important because it helps teams adapt and retain the information at a higher rate. It also helps address poor adaption. At Source for Training, our extensive experience and success in this area led us to create several training tracks to transfer knowledge and accelerate the change management process. 

MySource Academy

Most leaders simply do not have sufficient time to develop their staff or lack the resources. Our interactive training courses are designed for new and experienced associates. Participants can earn certificates of completion as well as a digital badge that can be shared on professional networks to show their enhanced skillset.​

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Virtual Training

Our resources include virtual training courses and webinars that are designed to provide an unparalleled learning experience in a format that optimizes convenience.

Customized Training

Our targeted training engagement techniques prepare your teams with customized materials, methods, and the mindset to maximize their potential. Our proven results have helped partners minimize and often eliminate enrollment deficits.​​

Enrollment Services

Enrollment Partnership


We help identify and recruit qualified students that fit our partners' criteria. This includes identifying the targeted audience segments, engaging prospects, and moving them through the conversion stages from initial inquiry to enrollment.​

Mystery Shopping


Your cost-per-start affects your bottom line. Having a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in your enrollment funnel can be the difference between missing or achieving your enrollment goals.  That is why making the most of every inquiry you receive is critical. We evaluate the effectiveness of telephone conversations between your Admissions Representatives and prospective students and provide a strategy to improve your conversion metrics.​​

Admissions Consulting

We collaborate with partners’ teams to improve the quality of interactions with prospective students. We evaluate to determine areas that need improvement, recommend best practices, and help implement necessary changes to meet future goals.

Outreach Services


Our knowledgeable outreach associates contact and schedule appointments on behalf of your team.  This includes re-engaging older leads, contacting non-applicant ISIRs, strategically calling targeted campaigns, as well as providing a rapid response to new leads.  This allows your staff to focus on other critical tasks that increase enrollment and improve retention.  Consider us an extension of your admissions department, especially after hours and during peak enrollment periods.​

Retention Analysis


Retention is a critical component of a solid institution. Many schools do not have the resources available to give it the attention it requires or the proper strategies to keep students engaged. We do an in-depth analysis to determine why students drop so that we can devise a strategy to reverse any potential negative trend. ​




Marketing Consulting – We will work with you to assess your marketing goals, tactics, and analytics to develop a customized plan to improve targeting, conversions, and attribution. 


Conversion and call tracking – Let us help you improve your digital advertising by identifying the audience segments you seek, tracking their actions and journey across digital platforms, and getting results in real-time that can help you deliver the marketing holy grail – right message…right time…right person!


Location-based targeting (geofencing) – Are you finding that you are not getting the right prospects into your enrollment funnel? Adding mobile location-based data gives you another level of granularity to target audiences with messaging based on their physical location. 

Lead generation – generating qualified inquiries is the lifeblood of any institution. Let us help you identify a strategy, select the right partners, and optimize conversions so that you can achieve your enrollment goals.​

MySource Academy

Welcome to MySource Academy!


Our interactive microlearning training courses, complimentary webinars and training publications are all designed for both new and experienced associates. Upon completion, participants will earn a Source certificate and digital badge to share on professional profiles. However, you must register by clicking the link below to create your personal profile. We are excited to be your partner!

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