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We create value in all directions. The post-digital age shows no signs of slowing down, and the need for rapid business transformation has never been greater. We partner with clients to capture their strongest opportunities and tackle their most significant challenges. 


Studies have shown that ongoing staff training is a critical component to successful enrollment. Creating a persistent process that follows best practices and compliance standards is important because it helps teams adapt and retain the information at a higher rate. It also helps address poor adaption. At Source for Training, our extensive experience and success in this area led us to create several training tracks to transfer knowledge and accelerate the change management process. 

MySource Academy

Most leaders simply do not have sufficient time to develop their staff or lack the resources. Our interactive training courses are designed for new and experienced associates. Participants can earn certificates of completion as well as a digital badge that can be shared on professional networks to show their enhanced skillset.​

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Virtual Training

Our resources include virtual training courses and webinars that are designed to provide an unparalleled learning experience in a format that optimizes convenience.

Customized Training

Our targeted training engagement techniques prepare your teams with customized materials, methods, and the mindset to maximize their potential. Our proven results have helped partners minimize and often eliminate enrollment deficits.​​

Enrollment Services

Institutions that embrace innovation can keep up with the pace and reinvent themselves. New technologies and new ways of doing business are emerging all the time. Working with us causes change to become the most dynamic, powerful source of progress you have.

Enrollment Management

Student recruitment can be complex and overwhelming; Create further enrollment opportunities by collaborating with our leaders. We provide the personnel to manage your admissions department, so you can focus on what your institution does best. Our integration is seamless and tailored to increase enrollment and improve retention

Enrollment Partnership

We help identify and recruit qualified students that fit our partners' criteria. This includes identifying the targeted audience segments, engaging prospects, and moving them through the conversion stages from initial inquiry to enrollment.​

Admissions Strategic Planning

​We collaborate with partners to improve the quality of interactions with prospective students. We identify areas of opportunity, recommend best practices, and help implement necessary changes to meet future goals.

Outreach Services

Our knowledgeable outreach associates contact and schedule appointments on behalf of your team. This includes strategic calling campaigns for new leads, re-engaging older leads, and non-applicant ISIRs.

Mystery Shopping

Making the most of every inquiry you receive is critical and cost-per-starts affects your bottom line. We evaluate the effectiveness of telephone conversations between your Admissions Representatives and prospective students and provide a strategy to improve your conversion metrics.​​

Retention Analysis

Retention is a critical component of a solid institution and many schools need additional resources to keep students engaged. Our analytics identify key variables that impact retention at your institution.

High School Duel Credit

An affordable Middle States accredited, online platform that enrolls students in college while earning high school credits for their high school diploma program.


Trust the experts with hiring experts for interim staffing, or permanent placement. We help institutions fuel growth by acquiring skilled professionals when needed. In order to thrive, you’ll need today’s brightest talent to fuel the innovations of tomorrow.

Programs and Modalities

Offer the programs and modalities to drive enrollments. We combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their business.

Financial Strategy

Schools must maintain a strong financial position in order to meet state and federal financial responsibility. Our services include, financial planning and forecasting, financial analysis (including balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow), bank services, and loan consulting.

School Acquisitions

We negotiate competitive leases and represent for land or building sales and purchases.
Open a new location or purchase a property with licensed, commercial real estate agents who assist with siting and location analysis.

Licensing and Accreditation

Take your school from startup to full accreditation. Licensing and accreditations offer several important benefits for graduates and institutions. We have expertise in new school licensure, initial, supplemental, and specialty accreditation.




Marketing Consulting – We will work with you to assess your marketing goals, tactics, and analytics to develop a customized plan to improve targeting, conversions, and attribution. 


Conversion and call tracking – Let us help you improve your digital advertising by identifying the audience segments you seek, tracking their actions and journey across digital platforms, and getting results in real-time that can help you deliver the marketing holy grail – right message…right time…right person!


Location-based targeting (geofencing) – Are you finding that you are not getting the right prospects into your enrollment funnel? Adding mobile location-based data gives you another level of granularity to target audiences with messaging based on their physical location. 

Lead generation – generating qualified inquiries is the lifeblood of any institution. Let us help you identify a strategy, select the right partners, and optimize conversions so that you can achieve your enrollment goals.​

MySource Academy

Hands-on training in a virtual world

Institutions thrive when employees can grow. MySource Academy is a robust, self-paced digital learning platform designed to build your skills or take the next leap in your career. Our courses are interactive and help learners navigate through complex concepts. Each course includes lesson plans, discussions, hands-on activities, print-outs, quizzes, and more. Build a vibrant workplace with content that connects emotionally with employees. Our courses cut costs, drive conversions, and create sustainable success.

Welcome to MySource Academy!


Our interactive microlearning training courses, complimentary webinars and training publications are all designed for both new and experienced associates. Upon completion, participants will earn a Source certificate and digital badge to share on professional profiles. However, you must register by clicking the link below to create your personal profile. We are excited to be your partner!

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