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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning ​unlocks proven techniques from the Source for Training knowledgebase to meet and exceed your goals.

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Click a funnel "layer" (e.g., Marketing & Outreach) or
"vertical" (e.g., Enrollment Partnership) to learn more.

If you feel that your admissions department is stuck, or you’ve tried to make improvements and can’t seem to find solutions that stick, then you should consider Strategic Planning. Our experienced team conducts thorough discovery across each layer of the admissions funnel and identifies your pain points. Then, we share a detailed report that identifies the gaps and inadequacies with current processes (e.g., cross-department links), technology (e.g., lead tracking), and people (e.g., training). The detailed report also includes the steps that we recommend you take to minimize or eliminate gaps and strengthen competencies. If you’re concerned that you lack the bandwidth to implement recommendations, then our Strategic Planning can involve an implementation phase as well.

Do you create goals that you expect to exceed?

Does your team know their conversion rates?

Does your team have clear accountability to meet their daily goals?

When you think about Strategic Planning, think Admissions Consulting. Clients who are wasting time and money, experience duplicative workloads, lack time to plan properly, or simply don't know what to try next are candidates for Strategic Planning. Our Strategic Planning offerings are designed to help you uncover root issues; optimize processes, technology, and people; and ultimately boost enrollment.

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