The most significant investment a school can make is in the training and development of their staff. Your monthly subscription provides expertise to help your team maximize their potential – and as a result, the success of the  institution

We recruit candidates who are qualified according to our partners’ criteria. In doing so, our team identifies and attends to prospects from initial inquiry to start.

We collaborate with  partners’ teams to improve the quality of interactions with prospective students. We evaluate to determine areas needing improvement and implement necessary changes in order to meet future goals.

Our knowledgeable outreach associates contact and schedule appointments.  This includes re-engaging older leads, contacting non applicant ISIRs, strategically calling targeted campaigns as well as rapid response to new leads.  Give your staff more time with prospective and in-school students in order to increase enrollment and improve retention.  Consider us an extension of your admissions department especially after hours and during peak enrollment periods.

The cost per start affects your bottom line. Making the most of every inquiry you receive is critical. We evaluate the effectiveness of telephone conversations between your Admissions Representatives and prospective students.

Do you really know why your students dropped?  Is anyone actively contacting them?  We all know it is very costly to recruit and then lose a student.  Often times what they tell you is not the ‘real’ reason.  By having a third-party company contact them, we find out the truth! Another huge benefit is that sometimes the student will return thus improving your completion rates!  It’s a win/win situation!

Our virtual training modules and webinars are designed to provide an unparalleled learning experience in a format that optimizes convenience.

Our targeted training engagement techniques prepare your teams with  materials, methods, and mindset to max their potential. Our time-tested results have helped partners minimize and often eliminate enrollment deficits.

We analyze our clients’ legacy data and develop processes for collecting and harnessing data to better identify future opportunities. Our customized methods improve strategies and increase awareness.

MySource Academy

Most leaders simply do not have sufficient time to develop their staff. Our interactive training modules are designed for new and experienced associates. Participants can earn certificates of completion.

Peak Your Performance

Our Peak Your Performance Master Series modules focus on those non tangible elements that effect your bottom line.   These topics are designed for your entire staff to be used during interdepartmental meetings or workshops.  The series focuses on group participation, discussions and practical exercises in order to build their skill sets.  We cover topics such as perception and communication, the alliance between Financial Aid and Admissions, time management tools and customer service.

The goal is to enhance communication not only between departments but also with your students in order to increase student satisfaction and employee retention.

Admissions Representatives

The Admissions Representatives Master Series modules take a nuts and bolts approach from the initial inquiry to the start of class.   The training provides participants with an understanding of admissions expectations, the life cycle of an inquiry and proper telephone and texting techniques. We know that challenges surface for both new and experienced representatives, so we have also included overcoming objections along with a commitment-based interview outline.

Finally, your ability to recruit and retain high school students can make or break your class starts.  Knowing how and when to communicate with parents is the key.   All of this adds up to a student who not only enrolls but starts and stays.

Admissions Management

Admissions Management Master Series Master Series modules will provide managers with the tips and tools to help them balance their daily responsibilities while leading their team to success.  As an Admissions Manager, your goal is to ‘bring in the start’.  In order to do so you must monitor and control many moving parts…  we call this “managing the environment”.    This starts with knowing who to hire, building a diverse team, becoming a dynamic trainer, instituting a ‘progress-focused process’, managing and evaluating the data and doing all of this while being compliant and ethical.

The key qualities of a leader involve open communication, daily coaching and discovering areas of opportunity.  Our philosophy is, “a Boss has the title… a Leader has the people”.