Our Team

Nancy Rogers, Co-Founder

Behind every inquiry is someone in need of change

Nancy has worked with institutions to improve the processes as well as ignite staff performance in areas of admissions and financial aid.In today’s world of Millennials and Gen Z, strong processes are even more important. Nancy strongly believes that we do not ‘sell’ education, we motivate students to ‘buy’.



Paul Gordon, Co-Founder

Students don’t know their lives are about to change, but that’s why we do what we do

Paul has over 30 years experience in private post-secondary education. His vast background as an Admissions Representative, Director of Admissions, and School Director enables him to understand the recruiting and training needs in higher-ed institutions.



Vicki Maurer, Training Specialist

Approach each prospective student with the intention of helping them solve a problem or achieve a goal. When we help a student to do this, we in turn have a committed student.”


Vicki began her career as an Admissions Representative in 1985. She has served in a number of capacities including Instructor, Academic Dean, Career Services Director, Director of Admissions and Campus Director.