Source for Training was founded in 1992 by Nancy Rogers and Paul Gordon to help institutions establish high-performance, sustainable processes throughout their admissions departments. Our solutions have led to better customer service, innovation, and increased enrollment.


For nearly three decades, we have earned a reputation for our commitment to deliver ethical and effective growth strategies. We are continuously evolving as a company and working with our clients to drive real results across critical dimensions. 


Student success is at the forefront of everything we do. We work hard every day to build trust, develop new ideas, and solve important problems. Our goal is to help students thrive and institutions grow.
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When students win, institutions win. The Source is transforming the way prospective students find, learn, and enroll into programs. We work with ambitious institutions who want to define and change the future, not hide from it.

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Nancy Rogers, Vice President of Operations


Nancy started her career in the 1980s and co-founded The Source in 1992. Her goal was to help institutions thrive by improving their admissions and financial aid processes. As President of The Source, she partnered with over 400 schools across 44 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Nancy has served on numerous boards for many education entities, including the Florida Board of Education.

Fun Fact: Nancy hosted an admissions workshop at Harvard University.

Paul Gordon, Vice President of Enrollment Partnership


Paul has over 30 years of international enrollment experience in private post-secondary education. Before co-founding The Source, Paul was an Director of Admissions, School Director, and Vice President of Enrollment. He has worked with the full spectrum of schools, start-ups to nationally-renown. As Vice President, Paul led the company's collaboration with At&t on effective phone training practices. 

Fun Fact: Paul loves to golf and has hit three hole-in-ones.

Daniel Lapan, Director of Operations

Before joining The Source, Daniel was a Director of Admissions for the Freshmen and Continuing Ed sectors. Daniel works with clients to more effectively attract, recruit, engage, and graduate students while preserving the institution's academic quality. His passion for talent development and creating a culture that encourages innovation has motivated him to co-author over 15 training courses

Fun Fact: Daniel was a private tutor for over six years.


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Custom solutions that drive student success

We measure our success by the success of our clients. Whether you are looking for help with one service or the full spectrum of services, we customize capabilities that complement and support your institution's goals. We identify opportunities in enrollment funnel processes with in-depth, innovative strategies using the latest social trends. Our extensive experience in Higher Ed gives us a one-of-a-kind perspective to help set new standards of excellence.

“Nancy Rogers and Source for Training are the ultimate admissions training pros in the business. Nancy has helped many of my clients achieve unparalleled admissions success, improving conversions over many years. If you want proven success strategies and an unwavering commitment to your success, you should talk to Nancy.”


~ Roger Becker

“I have known Nancy Rogers and Paul Gordon since 1994. They came in and revamped our admissions process resulting in over a 20% increase in starts. I highly recommend the Source for Training for any college looking for a boost in starts.”


~ Basil Katsamakis

Growing customer expectations since 1992:

  • 29 years as a trusted education partner

  • We're obsessed with your results

  • A seamless extension of your institution

  • Compliance-driven approaches

  • Customized growth solutions to fit any size or budget

  • Improve conversions, lower costs


Our people set us apart and create unmatched value for our clients. We are passionate about what we do because we help change lives every day. With a focus on integrity, trust, diversity, and performance, we strive to curate a unique culture that inspires collaboration among team members. We understand that success is made up of many ingredients – professional growth, work-life balance, flexibility to raise a family, pursuing an advanced degree, or traveling the world. We take pride in our talent and developing professionals to bring you leadership thinking and results. All employees are treated equitably, and every team member needs to have a strong work ethic that is matched by their sense of humor!


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