Source for Training was founded in 1992 by Nancy Rogers and Paul Gordon with a mission to help institutions establish sustainable processes throughout their admissions departments, leading to better customer service, innovation, and increased enrollment.


For nearly three decades we have earned a reputation for our commitment to deliver ethical and effective enrollment systems, processes, and growth strategies. We are continuously evolving as a company to assist our partners through internal and external challenges.



To help institutions establish sustainable processes throughout their admissions departments, leading to better customer service and increased enrollment.


Strive to be the partner of choice

for Institutions committed to improving enrollment

and student success. 

  • Integrity

  • Respect

  • Community

  • Performance

  • Innovation



Years of Service


Years of Combined Experience


Network of Partners


Trained Admissions Personnel

Nancy Rogers, VP of Operations


Nancy has worked with institutions to improve the processes as well as ignite staff performance in areas of admissions and financial aid. In today’s world of Millennials and Generation Z, strong processes are even more important. Nancy strongly believes that we do not ‘sell’ education, we motivate students to ‘buy’.

“Behind every inquiry is someone in need of change”

Paul Gordon, VP of Training


Paul has over 30 years of experience in private post-secondary education. His vast background as an Admissions Representative, Director of Admissions, and School Director enables him to understand the recruiting and training needs in higher-ed institutions.

“Students don’t know their lives are about to change, but that’s why we do what we do.”

Daniel Lapan, Director of Operations


Daniel has extensive experience in the Education vertical, having worked as Director of Admissions in both the High School and adult market.  He has developed numerous training manuals focusing on enhancing the knowledge and skillsets for employers and managers.

“There is no right way, there is only a wrong way and a more effective way”

Why Source for Training

Custom solutions that drive student success

Source for Training is the premier partner dedicated to assisting clients with identifying challenges in their enrollment funnel and process. Our extensive experience in the Education vertical (Higher Ed and K-12) gives us the perspective required to devise custom solutions and provide in-depth training and knowledge transfer. Through these efforts, we have established an excellent track record of driving increased conversions. Our client satisfaction is exceptional and a great source of pride.

“Nancy Rogers and Source for Training are the ultimate admissions training pros in the business. Nancy has helped many of my clients achieve unparalleled admissions success, improving conversions over many years. If you want proven success strategies and an unwavering commitment to your success, you should talk to Nancy.”


~ Roger Becker

“I have known Nancy Rogers and Paul Gordon since 1994. They came in and revamped our admissions process resulting in over a 20% increase in starts. I highly recommend the Source for Training for any college looking for a boost in starts.”


~ Basil Katsamakis

Source for Training provides:

  • A leadership team with over 100+ years of experience

  • Track record of excellence - 400+ partners and over 8,000 trained personnel 

  • Customized growth solutions for any client size or budget 

  • A valuable extension of your institution with a compliance driven approach

  • Proven record of improving conversions and lowering costs 

  • Client Concierge - support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 

  • Digital credential awarded to members to share on professional profiles 

  • Scholarships and partnerships with the communities we serve 


At Source for Training, we are passionate about what we do because we help our clients change lives every day.  With a focus on integrity, trust, diversity, and performance, we strive to create a unique culture that inspires collaboration among team members.


We understand that success is made up of many ingredients – professional growth, work-life balance, flexibility to raise a family, pursuit of an advanced degree or traveling the world. All employees are treated equitably and every team member needs to have a strong work ethic that is matched by their sense of humor!


There are currently no career opportunities at Source for Training. Follow us on LinkedIn for the latest job posting. 

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