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Our Services

How we work with our clients:

  • Whether you are looking for help with one service or the full spectrum of services, we customize capabilities that complement and support your institution's goals.

  • We identify opportunities in enrollment funnel processes with in-depth, innovative strategies using the latest social trends.

  • Our extensive experience in Higher Ed gives us a one-of-a-kind perspective to help set new standards of excellence.


Introduction to The Funnel

  • If you’re in the higher education industry, then you’re likely familiar with the complex nature of admissions.
    At the end of the day, educational institutions look to enrollment as a key score of success. Admissions departments must constantly adapt to keep an edge over the competition.

  • We view the student journey through the lens of an admissions funnel that follows the student journey
    from their first impression to graduation.

Fuel Your Funnel with The Source

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Click a funnel "layer" (e.g., Marketing & Outreach) or
"vertical" (e.g., Enrollment Partnership) to learn more.

The student journey can be separated into four distinct phases, each of which represents a layer of the admissions funnel:​

  • Marketing & Outreach is the lifeblood of educational institutions. This layer of the admissions funnel encompasses the first interactions with a prospective student and brings them along their journey from visitor to lead.​

  • Lead Conversion is the second step of the admissions funnel, where leads commit to educational institutions.​

  • Admissions Services is the layer of the admissions funnel where enrollments become starts.​

  • Retention is the step of the funnel that encompasses turning enrollments into starts, starts into students who stay, and those students into graduates and successful alumni.​

When layer-specific solutions are not the right approach, we offer cross-layer solutions to help transform admissions departments:​

  • Strategic Planning ​unlocks proven techniques from the Source for Training knowledgebase to meet and exceed goals.​

  • MySource Academy is a robust, self-paced digital learning platform with proprietary Source for Training modules designed to ensure your team’s longevity and give you an edge over the competition.​

  • Enrollment Partnership is the Source for Training’s comprehensive approach for when piecing together tools and solutions does not suffice, and a new perspective is required to transform admissions departments to deliver breakthrough, sustainable growth. ​

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