Our Advantage

How we improve conversions

Enrollment Partnership

Our enrollment team works as a seamless extension of our partners. We provide prospective students with careful and individualized support from their initial inquiry through their start date. Each student is assigned a specialist that guides them through the application and admissions process. Our contact strategy is personal, consistent and encouraging which is comforting to the applicant and ensures that deadlines and goals are met.

Collaborating with your staff

We create an environment that ensures your team is comfortable with our format and delivery. Our services are accessible to all institutions and proven to optimize enrollment according to partners’ requisites.

Five reasons to use our ReSources

Individualized Solutions

Our team provides guidance from outreach to enrollment. We tailor trainings to maximize your enrollment.

Our impact

Real-time coaching, webinars and modules based on proven techniques. We set achievable goals, and train to exceed them.

Improve Lead Management

We review leads, marketing strategies and process procedures to ensure a sustainable increase in conversions.

Compliance-Driven and Ethical

Honesty and ethics are a major part of our process. We ensure that all policies and regulations are followed.

Grow Your Enrollment

More appointments set, more appointments show, more applicants and more students enrolled.