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Click a funnel "layer" (e.g., Marketing & Outreach) or
"vertical" (e.g., Enrollment Partnership) to learn more.

Institutions thrive when employees can grow. MySource Academy is a robust, self-paced digital learning platform designed to build your skills or take the next leap in your career. Our courses are interactive and help learners navigate through complex concepts. Each course includes lesson plans, discussions, hands-on activities, print-outs, quizzes, and more. Build a vibrant workplace with content that connects emotionally with employees. Our courses cut costs, drive conversions, and create sustainable success.

Employees who feel they cannot develop and fulfill their career goals are 12x more likely to leave.

Are you combatting
insufficient time and resources?

Are you experiencing
declining morale?

Most leaders do not have time or the resources to develop their staff. Training deficiencies negatively impact employee performance,

engagement, and retention.

Untrained employees lack the motivation and knowledge to properly service students. The institution's morale tanks, eventually creating disparities and silos within your teams.

Do you feel you have
inefficient processes?

We have experienced trainers.

We support you with
engaging content.

We are an
affordable investment.

Failure to invest in employee development increases attrition rates and recruitment costs. Inconsistent processes and procedures weigh down the productivity of the workplace.

Institutions thrive when employees can grow. Unlocking that growth requires effective resources. Benefit from 125+ years of combined, hands-on experience.

Build a vibrant, sustainable workplace with content that connects emotionally with your employees. Create a culture of growth and development with new ideas and actionable tips.

Flexible pricing for an investment that pays off. Increase company loyalty and exceed enrollment goals. Your institution's future depends on innovation, performance, and training.

  • Data, Analytics, & Insights
    Our attribution system allows for the most effective optimization of these campaigns with systems that see and react to actual performance metrics across channels. This optimization enables our clients and us to recognize the true, comprehensive student journey.
  • High School Diploma
    An affordable, Middle-States-accredited, online platform enables students to earn a high school diploma while also earning credits towards their college careers.​
  • Integrated Marketing
    Move at the speed of your customers. The key driver of sustainable growth is the relevant, personalized experience you create for your audience. Marketing personalization means reaching the right customer with the right message through the right channel. As our industry evolves, we help our clients identify, develop, and implement comprehensive marketing strategies to enhance performance.​​
  • Mystery Shopping
    Making the most of every inquiry you receive is critical, and cost-per-start affects your bottom line. We evaluate the effectiveness of telephone conversations between your Admissions Representatives and prospective students and provide a strategy to improve your conversion metrics.​
  • Outreach Services
    Our knowledgeable outreach associates contact and schedule appointments on your team’s behalf; these services include strategic calling campaigns for new leads, older leads, and non-applicant ISIRs.​
  • Pay-Per-Click
    Our focus is on more than just leads; it's on finding new students to attend your school. We optimize keyword bidding, ad copy, and landing pages to get the lowest cost-per-lead possible. We analyze keywords against your start data to determine which keywords generate the lowest cost-per-start.​
  • Pay-Per-Inquiry
    The key to improving your Pay-Per-Lead performance is finding leads with greater intent of enrolling and paying less for them. We can help you with this. Managing campaigns effectively is highly detail-oriented, time-consuming work. We leverage your data to determine the optimal price for every lead source and not rely on the "market rate.“ We focus on your cost-per-start –we will always focus on new students, not leads, because we know leads do not generate revenue. We all know most PPL leads will never convert, so why are you returning so few of them? We can establish processes to maximize your returns and achieve a lower cost-per-start.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    Search Engine Optimization is the science of gaining the highest visibility for your website in organic search results. Effective SEO achieves higher rankings, increases qualified leads, and generates more students. We help your site to rank above your competitors' so that you can attract the most students.
  • Social Media
    Your students are on Social Media all day. They’re watching YouTube and on Facebook, Instagram, and review sites. The key is reaching them in a way that connects them to your school. Our social media experts have years of experience managing social networks, including Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. Your Social Media campaign will integrate with your website SEO and content strategy. We devise strategies that help you captivate prospective students.
  • Speed2Lead
    Speed is an essential ingredient for outperformance, and conversion rates directly correlate with response times. Our software routes RFI web forms into immediate inbound calls. Manage your incoming requests with a standardized intake process that is robust yet flexible and compatible with any infrastructure. Ask us about a free 30-day trial. Enhance your online lead generation tactics with a sophisticated call-handling system designed for faster response times and higher conversion rates. Fuel your funnel with student-centric technology and automatically connect with prospects in seconds.
  • Traditional Media
    Our team has produced award-winning creative and negotiated media for the largest schools in the country. We never stop fighting for the best results. In addition to schools, our buyers have bought for national and international brands such as Toyota, Disney, HBO, Visa International, Microsoft, and Coors Brewing Company – to name a few. We leverage this experience and combine it with Direct Response buying tactics to ensure success for your campaign.
  • Website Development
    When we design your website, we pay close attention to every detail with the end result in mind, more leads. We do this without compromising your brand. Your website is your window to the world. We build mobile-responsive, high-converting, easy-to-find websites that motivate prospective students to contact you. You want as many potential students to visit your site and spend as much time as possible. The way your website looks, feels, and functions make students decide whether to contact your school.


Personnel trained, with more than 500 clients in higher education.


or more from inquiry to start using time-tested, student-focused strategies.

Does your staff need training without interrupting your class starts?

Do you ever need an idea to synergize your team?

Does your school need customer service training?

Retraining never ends. Training leads to employee retention and consistency while preventing avoidable problems. Remember, it's far less costly to retain talent than acquire it. MySource Academy simplifies complex concepts and feeds naturally into in-person or virtual trainings, discussions, and hands-on activities. When you tap into the expertise of our experienced trainers, you can convert declining morale into a culture of learning, drive conversions, and cut costs to achieve sustainable success.

Create a Culture of Learning

Peak Your Performance Series

Essential Everyday Ethics

The Power One

Your Service is Showing

Communication and Perception

High School Admission Series

Developing a Socially-Distant Lead

Appointments that Show

The Interview that Applies

Follow Up, Follow Through

Adult Admission


Building A Solid Foundation

Appointments That Show

The Interview That Applies

Follow Up, Follow Through

Admissions Management Series

Manage to Lead

Let's Get Engaged

Developing a Powerhouse Team

What's in it for You?

  • Interactive training courses built by the best in the business

  • Designed for both new and experienced associates 

  • Everything from engaging with prospects to running an Admissions Office

  • Participants earn certificates of completion and a digital badge

  • Frequently updated to improve the user experience

  • 24/7 Access

E-learners are...

2.6x faster to train

2.3x more emotionally connected

179% more confident                            It's time for a reboot.

Your institution's future depends on innovation, performance, and training.

  • Most leaders simply do not have sufficient time to develop their staff or lack the resources. Our interactive training courses are designed for new and experienced associates. Participants can earn certificates of completion and a digital badge that can be shared on professional networks to show their enhanced skillset.

  • We make training digestible without diluting the content, and our goal for you is to achieve the absolute best results. Get the exact formulas to increase enrollment and learn in hours what others may learn in a year. We put countless hours and tremendous effort into developing the optimal skills and tailoring user experience. Learn from a proven team, with flexible pricing options for an investment that pays off through increased company loyalty and enrollment excellence.​

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