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Lead Conversion

Lead Conversion is the second step of the admissions funnel, where leads commit to your institution.

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No amount of people thrown at a broken process will fix the process; but if you fix the process, you might have enough staff already. With the correct (and standardized) Lead Conversion practices in place, schools notice improvements in conversions (e.g., lead-to-enrollment), visibility into lead conversion economics, and morale. At the same time, optimized Lead Conversion processes can help prevent challenging scenarios such as “cherry-picking” and boost your speed to the lead. There is a science to converting leads, and that science begins with the right scripts. Reps must have the right scripts, be trained comprehensively on their use, and be held accountable for their execution. With this foundation in place, reps must also have an efficient lead-tracking system that streamlines their activities while providing insights into lead costs and automatic accountability for management. Our results-driven Lead Conversion solutions unlock the data and training required to increase your speed to the lead and improve your admissions process.

Do enough leads turn into appointments?

Do enough appointments show?

Do enough interviewees apply?

Lead Conversion offerings are designed for clients who struggle with accountability for leads, setting appointments, visibility into conversion costs, inefficient or nonexistent CRM protocols, cherry-picking, and the like. We leverage our time-tested scripting and messaging techniques with processes and systems that work for you.

52% of institutional leaders expect extensive or disruptive change post-pandemic. How will you respond to the change?

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